Wylie sash windows is a family run buisness with over 30 years experience, Covering the south eastern countys.

Paul and John started work as apprentice joiners at walden & son in Henley-on-Thames both gaining their city and guilds qualifications.

Paul worked for many years for one of the uk,s leading sash window refurbisment company, dealing with all aspects from installation surveying and selling.

John spent 10 years working as a project manger for  refurbishment companies gaining an HNC in building studies.

All our joinery is made in our joiners shop based in Bix just outside Henley-on-Thames oxfordshire.

Benefits of wylie sash window repairs.

.     Eliminate draughts and rattles    .

.     Add value to your property       .

.     Save on energy bills                    .

.     Reduce outside noise                  .

.     Easy to operate windows            .

Renovation process

.    The sashes are removed from the window frame  .

.    The frame is checked for any de-cay and repaired .

.    Sill is replaced if necessary in hardwood                 .

.    We use a epoxy resin filler on some small repairs  .

.    Sash cords are replaced, Pulleys are serviced          .

.    Sashes are correctly balanced to ensure smooth operation   .

.    The sash windows are then upgraded by fitting reddiseals

perimeter sealing system, which virtually eliminates

draughts and rattles.

.   In addition to sliding sash windows we also work on

casement and other timber windows and doors.

.  Windows are not decorated repairs are primed.

Double Glazed sash windows.

With rising heating bills many homeowners are looking for solutions that maximise the energy efficiency of their timber windows whilst retaining the original look.

.   Reduced energy costs   .

.  Slim discreet double glazed sashes into existing box frames  .

New Timber windows.

. We can manufacture complete new timber windows.

. Single glazed to match existing if listed.

. Double glazed that comply with currant building regulation

part L.

Secondary Glazing .

We install secondary glazing sometimes when there is no other way of draught proofing. Secondary glazing is the perfect solution for reducing noise pollution in your property.

There are four types of secondary glazing.

.   Horizonatal sliders normally used with either sash or casement primary windows.

.   Vertical sliders used to mirror sliding sash windows.

.   Hinged units generally used with casement and hinged primary windows.

.   Lift out units used when its a fixed window or the customer seldom needs to open the primary window.





First floor.



Option 2.


W7. and W8. Complete new window l   ( double glazed with stipolite obscure ) with new ironmogery

Total                                   =     £ 1350.00

Please pay by Bank Transfer

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Yours Faithfully

Paul Wylie